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Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas (He will LOVE it!)
You’re out browsing the web for romantic valentine's day ideas. You think for yourself; “Maybe a spa-weekend could be something my man would want?”. Well, let me be frank. Absolutely not.
20 March 2018
The Best Mens Luxury Watches; Simplified (Under $300)
Everything you need to know before making the big decision; which watch should YOU choose? We'll guide you through of selecting the ultimate mens luxury watches - personalized to you.
18 March 2018
Why Couple Watches are the Best Gift - (With Watch Recommendations)
Ambassador timepieces could be a surprise to your loved ones. Invest in a good pair of couple watches for him and for her
12 March 2018
Classic Wrist Watch - The Ultimate Superiority
Just like mens slacks are more than some pieces of cloth sewn together to cover the legs, a classic wrist watch is more than a device for keeping time.
10 February 2017
Love and a Classic Wrist Watch is All You Need
That special day is approaching again when the fluttering of Cupid's wings fills the air and all the retail stores become festooned with pink ribbons and red hearts: Valentine's Day. We'll tell you why you need a classic wrist watch on this day.
10 February 2017
How to Adapt Your Wrist Watch to Your Outfit
When it comes to mens fashion, the watch a man wears can greatly alter the appearance of his outfit. It is just about time you adapt your wrist to your outfit.
10 February 2017
Best Gold Luxury Watches for Men. We Know What You Want.
The luxury watch market is the one of many we currently dominate. We carry a big selection of the best gold luxury watches for men to make sure that you obtain what you're looking for. Our character is represented in our design, and quality of the product, which you'll sense when you choose our product.
10 February 2017
Different Parts in a Quartz Watch Movement
Although they get a bad rep amongst watch wearers who prefer the prestige of vintage-style mechanical watches, quartz watches have superior accuracy.
14 January 2017
Evolution of the Watch: A Condensed History
Since its inception in the 1700s, the watch has evolved as an object of time measurement, to a fashion accessory, to a soldier's tool in war, and now to an implement that measures more than just time. The watch evolution is truly amazing.
14 January 2017
A Brief History of Time - Simplified
Ironically enough, a history of time is a near impossibility; relatively speaking, if one looks at time as a universal force that goes back to, or maybe even before, the Big Bang. So, if you came here seeking a history of all time, better luck next time (pun intended).
14 January 2017