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Evolution of the Watch: A Condensed History
Since its inception in the 1700s, the watch has evolved as an object of time measurement, to a fashion accessory, to a soldier's tool in war, and now to an implement that measures more than just time. The watch evolution is truly amazing.
14 January 2017
A Brief History of Time - Simplified
Ironically enough, a history of time is a near impossibility; relatively speaking, if one looks at time as a universal force that goes back to, or maybe even before, the Big Bang. So, if you came here seeking a history of all time, better luck next time (pun intended).
14 January 2017
The Heritage Collection (Our Story)
Something we get emails on every single day. What does the 1863, 1921 and 1959 mean? Was Ambassador Watches founded in the 1800s? Is it just meaningless numbers? Read the story behind the naming of our heritage collection.
06 January 2017
(ATM Meaning?) Everything you need to know
If you ever wear watches? or ever plan to in the future, you may be curious as to what ATM stands for. ATM is a detail included in the specs for most watches, but there are a surprising number of people who don't know what it really means or how to measure it. (ATM MEANING HERE)
27 August 2016
(Watch Myths) Default Setting
Is it default factory setting? Is it to memorialize Abraham Lincoln? Or perhaps it has something to do with the atomic bomb in Hiroshima? We'll straighten out a few watch myths here and get to the real reason.
21 August 2016
Why You Should Wear a Watch in 2020
Wristwatches have been a wardrobe standard for over one hundred years, which begs the question: What are the top five reasons to wear a watch?
17 August 2016
Watch Movements and Their Essential Info
Lets talk watch movements. Watch wearers, whether occasional or frequent, should know the movement, (known in the industry as calibre), of a watch. Why does it matter, or why should you be moved to find out?
16 August 2016