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Modern Man TV Ambassador Review
“I really enjoyed their backstory and their clean designs.”
Peter von Panda - 2019
“Classic watch look that I really like.”
Watch On - Review Guide
“I really like the curved down lugs.”
Zach Busman - Heritage 1863 Review
“It's definitely worth it.”
Watch Review Lab
“I could easily wear this all day.”

Prime Ambassador Reviews

Kathy T.
Best watch I've owned!
I bought the heritage 1921 recently, and I've worn it every day for the last 2 months!
Reggie K.
My new favourite watch
My friend recommended me this watch since I was looking for something more affordable and I was kindof worried since they're in Sweden at was here 2 days later and it's just as good as they say it is.
Solomon A.
Stunning, elegant and just so damn cool!
I bought it as a gift for the hubby, he loves it and I think he looks so cool wearing it.
Nick B.
Great watch
I get these watch for gift at chrismas and loveing this!
Tony H.
Very happy
Probably one of the better online purchases I’ve made. Arrived quickly (UK) and is just as great as advertised!
Tommie B.
Working in Investment Banking, you’ve got lots of guys with fancy timepieces and my 1959 has definitely got some attention at our annuals. I love how they’re under the impression that it’s a $2-5K watch, when in reality my girlfriend picked it up for just under 200 bucks.
Albert G.
Stunning Elegance
This is a very versatile watch. I’m generally pretty casual but have to dress up once in a blue moon for meetings and business trips; I think these watches are a total gem because they’re just so great in just about any occasion.
Leon L.
Big Fan
Hands down the best watch I own under the $10K price point. In fact, it easily rivals some of the more luxe models I’ve got.
Rudy R.
10/10 Purchase
Im very apprehensive of most online purchases - but this company blew me away with their quality and just how well put-together everything is. I highly recommend these watches to anyone that’s looking for a stylish watch with lots of classical appeal.
Sergei K.
Купил часы Ambassador через их сайт, прислали через всего-то пару дней. Хорошая кожа, достаточно стильные, и вообще качество просто класс))
Tad S.
Love it
i bought the watch for present of my friend...he like the style and classical feeling so this watch is the perfect fit for his like
Cyril C.
Best classical watch period!
I've always been a big fan of minimalistic and classical pieces. Having owned some more expensive watches, I was a little apprehensive about the price-tag of my Heritage 1959. When I got the watch, all of my worries were gone, as it was (and is) one of the absolute best pieces in my collection.
Mikhail V.
Хорошее качество
Редко по такой цене можно найти что-то нормальное. К счастью, это очень качественный брэнд!
Anya S.
Жена сказала Вау, сотрудники заценили...чего ещё можно желать?
Martha B.
Totally Lovely
My wife got this as a gift for me to replace a cheap Bulova that I wore to death. I honestly feel like a whole new man, they really are lovely watches.
Samantha H.
My First Watch
Never been a fan of wearing watches but I decided to give it a shot. No regrets so far thanks to this superb watch I'm wearing.
Erika M.
I love it
Got it as a gift, opened it up to re-package and take a peek and wow, it's just seriously so awesome...
Tonya M.
Cool Watches
My brother and I bought a watch each as a celebratory gift of sorts and I only have good things to say about it so far!
Robin L.
Exquisite quality
I found the design and build quality of this watch to be excellent considering its price and would not hesitate to recommend it to my friends and family.
Mabel B.
Fits Like A Charm
I’ve been a big fan of minimal watches for ever and I’m a big fan of the Prime Ambassador lineup. They fit so well and it’s a very comfy watch to wear on a daily basis. My old watches used to dig into the wrist quite a bit but my 1921 is literally the most comfortable watch I’ve worn to date (and I own a bunch of high-end classic pieces to contrast).
Merle B.
So Stylish And Convenient
I absolutely love what they’ve done in terms of design. And by the way, the straps take seconds to change so I can switch between the mesh straps that come with the watch and whatever style of straps I feel like with zero effort input.
Steve C.
1 Year And Counting
I’ve had it for a while and I’m supper happy with the purchase…best watch I’ve bought online hands down
Martin S.
Best x-mas gift
I got one for my dad for xmas and as a guy whos never really worn watches much throughout his life I’m surprised to see him wearing it pretty often when were out and about town
Tomas W.
Qualität und Zeitwert
Die Ware hat Detailqualität und ist sehr modern und stilvoll. Ich kann es zu jeder Ereignis tragen.
Fernando B.
Mejor que el basura que tienes ahora!
Este reloj es para personas de clase y personas intelectuales. Si compra uno, bienvenido al club.
Daniel O.
Never gets old
This is definitely a timepiece that you can pass down generations because just like their site says, it's freaking timeless. Just keep it maintained!
Gordon M.
Great birthday
I received this on my 40th birthday and I have to say that I feel younger and better looking now.
Vladimir W.
Классный подарок
Купила как подарок на день рождения брата - ему очень идут и он ими суперски доволен. Классные часы по очень даже доступной цене.
Donald H.
Very happy
Sooooo happy with this!! I'll definitely get one for my brother's graduation gift.
Ronald H.
Proud to be an owner
It just feels like something special! (and it totally is!)
Gilbert L.
So sleek!
Don't be fooled by their brand name, this watch is good for any man or woman with a sense of style.
Rufus B.
I definitely feel like this is a watch I'll have around for a long long time.
Clint H.
Husband loves it!
My husband and I don’t really do gifts, but I wanted to surprise him. And surprised he was! He thought it was worth a heck of a lot more than it actually is, and I think that says a lot about the quality of these watches!!
Sergio F.
Anniversary gift
I made my baby so happy with this watch. I'd say 10/10!
Ricky F.
I love this watch! I buy this watch as gift for my friend from the work and he loves it to wear every day!
Tommy E.
So sleek and well built! I didn't realize how easy the straps were to change until I bought a second watch and saw it on their page. My 2 cents: it's just amazing!
Hugo Q.
Gorgeous and Comfortable
Heritage 1863 is such a looker! One love at the first sight later, I'm a happy owner and can't see myself going back to MVMT or any other brands I had on my wishlist.
Rick H.
I love it!
I've had mine for maybe a month now and it's practically been my daily watch since it had arrived!
Sylvester B.
Superb Quality!!!
The one thing that makes this watch stand out is the consideration they've put into the quality of the materials they use. It's very well made and I don't see it getting worn out anytime soon.
Boyd C.
proud ambassador
i love their brand appeal and i got myself a prime ambassador heritage it to bits
Julius M.
It's my new baby!
I've always been into watches, and now that I'm able to gradually build up my collection...I've got to say that Ambassador is definitely a brand I'll be coming back to for more watches later.
Andy G.
Great buy
Loving it every day after months and months of wear. My straps did get a little messed up, but im a tech so no surprise. They sell extra straps btw, so if yours go south…you know where to go!
Garrett R.
Absolutely The Most Amazing Watch
I’m actually surprised by the fact that so few people know about these watches. They’re freaking solid!!!
Allen S.
Best Quality
Very impressed with the quality. When they said Swedish quality - they really meant it!
Samuel M.
Love it
I find myself constantly shooting glances at the sweet embossed dial every day and it’s been 3 months now. Still in love with it, still awesome and I’m thinking of picking up another model from their catalogue soon.
Avram F.
Доступные, красивые и суперски крутые
Я купила себе Heritage 1863 увидев их в онлайн-каталоге. Ношу уже второй месяц, и все ещё любуюсь. Очень крутые!
Kenneth H.
Great watch
What can I say? It’s unique, minimalistic and just so damn stylish. Checks off every single box in my book.
Al M.
The 1921 is SEXY
I saw these watches before on Amazon and bookmarked their site a while ago. Got it on a whim just cause I felt like having a new watch in my collection and I think this one’s gonna be the centrepiece for a long while to come.
Marvin G.
Awesome & versatile.
Received the Heritage 1959 as a holiday gift from my in-laws and I’m honestly amazed at how well this watch goes with literally just about anything I wear. Whether I’m out for a casual get-together with friends or hitting up the club, I know the watch is on-point and in-line
Angelo F.
High Quality
I’ve been a big fan of MVM and FL watches for a long time, but Ambassador totally raised the bar for me with how amazing their whole collection is. I own all 3 models and after months of wearing them, I’m still 100% in love.
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