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Why You Should Wear a Watch in 2020

Wear a watch in 2018? Is it even necessary?

How can something so small as a wristwatch be so significant and important in our lives? It seems that even though time flies, the wristwatch is an object and timekeeping device that has been, and continues to be, an object of significance in our society. Wristwatches have been a wardrobe standard for over one hundred years, which begs the question: What are the top five reasons to wear a watch?

Wristwatch = Convenience

The most obvious reason is convenience. Worn on the wrist, the wristwatch is always with you and more easily accessible than a phone. Plus, it’s more socially acceptable to take a quick glance at a wristwatch than it is to pull out a phone and check the time during a meeting or conference presentation.

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The ingenuity of the wristwatch design is that it is totally hands-free, (no Bluetooth option necessary), which is an important factor that cannot be undervalued in our modern and rapid society, where using phones during driving can imperil the lives of countless other people. Wristwatches are also designed to operate for years, whether they are mechanical or automatic, so you know they won’t fail you at the exact wrong time like a phone battery can, which for some reason seem to be particularly subject to Murphy’s Law. Trying to make sure you are on time for a date with the love of your life? Don’t rely on a phone, get a wristwatch.

Professional Watch = Compliments

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This is something many people don’t think of when purchasing a watch, but it is one of the most overlooked perks of wearing a watch. A nice wristwatch gets you compliments, and tons of them, and who doesn’t love compliments? The watch is an item that can either make or break an outfit. No matter who the watch wearer is, though, a well-chosen watch can make the wearer seem more professional and sophisticated, and for business settings, wouldn’t you rather by looked over than overlooked?

Comfortable Watch = Unbeatable

Something that many newbies to the wristwatch world overlook is the actual craftsmanship that goes into making a timepiece. When it comes to wristwatches, everything is made by hand. Literally.

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All the way from how the lugs are shaped and at what degree they are pointing, to their design for optimal comfort, a sleek and balanced design, and the style of the hour and minute hands, every aspect of a wristwatch has been pored over by a skillful craftsman. Behind each timepiece there are months of development and trials of error until the piece reaches a state of perfection. A wristwatch is a testament to true quality.

A watch means business

Wristwatch wearers will notice after some time that wearing a watch allows one to develop an intimate relationship with time, and if time truly is money, then being in control of your time is a powerful skill to have.

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The Watch Community

This goes hand in hand with the compliments. Fellow watch lovers will be curious and seek out the story behind the watch you're wearing. It's a passionate community one cannot fully grasp until one is a part of it. Like motorcyclists or sports cars, the world of watch wearers is like a secret community where watch wearers share a tacit understanding of the prestige and pride in quality that wearing a wristwatch entails.

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