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Classic Wrist Watch - The Ultimate Superiority


The classic wrist watch is truly timeless

As with any piece of apparel or accessory, a watch serves more than a functional purpose. Just like men’s slacks are more than some pieces of cloth sewn together to cover the legs, a watch is more than a device for keeping time. But there are watches, and then there are wrist watches.Classic wrist watches are timeless yet historic pieces that exhibit true craftsmanship and that convey something about the wearer. More than digital or smartwatches, wrist watches are investments for many men, even for a lifetime.

Heritage 1863
Well composed elegance.
$199 $149
Heritage 1863
Exceptional, bold luxury.
$199 $149

The main aspect that sets wrist watches apart from digital and smart watches is that classic wrist watches are meant to be long-term investments, while watches that incorporate technology are meant to be replaced. Digital watches and smartwatches are designed with the knowledge that while they might be improvements on a former technology, they are also only objects in that long continuum of ever advancing technology. There will always be a newer digital or smart watch that is better than the last, a version 2.0, 3.4, 4.1 and so on.

Classic digital watches are a no-no

Because digital and smart watches are always going to be improved upon, they are not really objects of investment. Like an automobile that depreciates as soon as you drive it out of the lot, digital and smart watches devalue as they are replaced by newer generations. But classic wrist watches increase in value as more time passes because the longer they last, the greater a testament they are to the skill and craftsmanship of the watchmaker.

As an object of investment for a lifetime, classic wristwatches have achieved their highest form. True, other mechanical watches are also investments, such as pocket watches, but the impracticality of everyday wear with a pocket watch doesn’t really attract people. A classic wrist watch has been a consistently functional and aesthetic accessory for men’s fashion since the early twentieth century. And throughout that time, the classic wrist watch has gained cultural significance and a historic weight. There is something suggestive about how passing down a watch symbolizes a rite of passage that a father presents to his son as he becomes a man.

Heritage 1959

A watch to keep, forever.

As pieces in a man’s wardrobe, classic wrist watches give off a different impression than digital or smartwatches. Whereas both digital and smartwatches work well with the tech geek, athletic or health conscious styles, the classic wrist watch resonates with tones of masculinity, of dignity, and of commanding respect.

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Suitable for wear with three piece suits, business suits, or even casual attire, the classic wrist watch is a subtle statement that signifies a man’s presence. There must be a reason, after all, that James Bond’s wrist watch features so prominently as part of his wardrobe.

Classic wrist watches are investments, and they are also works of artistry and craftsmanship. Whether a man wears one for its personal significance or to strike the right effect with his attire, a man’s wristwatch can be a statement of character and presence. Designed to be an investment for a lifetime, a classic wrist watch should be a central piece to any man’s wardrobe.

Heritage 1959
The ultimate business watch.
$199 $149
Heritage 1959
A luxurious modern masterpiece.
$199 $149
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