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Ambassadors Ambassadors

Stories of success

Just like us, our ambassadors are passionate, outgoing individuals. Models, entrepreneurs, investors, who all have one thing in common - they choose Ambassador as their go-to watch.

Ambassador Meet: John, Ghana Ambassador Meet: John, Ghana

Meet: John, Ghana

A passionate leader, teacher and global citizen. Get inspired by John's Ambassador story.

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“Every second that passes by in my life, makes me a second older. As a result, time is not a concept that I take for granted.”
Ambassador Meet: Jeny, Kiev Ambassador Meet: Jeny, Kiev

Meet: Jeny, Kiev

Model, future doctor, and globetrotter. Get inspired by Jeny's Ambassador story.

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“Time is a resource. One that must be used to the maximum, as it can not be replenished.”
Ambassador Meet: Lorian, Vienna Ambassador Meet: Lorian, Vienna

Meet: Lorian, Vienna

An avid explorer, academic and a life-long learner. Get inspired by Lorian's Ambassador story.

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“If used correctly, time can be your biggest ally on the quest to lead a happy and fulfilling life.”
Ambassador Meet: Daria, Prague Ambassador Meet: Daria, Prague

Meet: Daria, Prague

A multi-talented, passionate and creative business leader. Get inspired by Daria's Ambassador story.

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“I strive to use my time wisely, and spend my time taking action on my ideas and decisions.”
Ambassador Meet: Adam, Stockholm Ambassador Meet: Adam, Stockholm

Meet: Adam, Stockholm

Young, ambitious, and dead-set on being one of the best. Get inspired by Adam's Ambassador story.

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“Time means everything to me. It is to be used wisely, and shouldn't be taken for granted.”
Ambassador Meet: Islam, United Kingdom Ambassador Meet: Islam, United Kingdom

Meet: Islam, United Kingdom

Successful lawyer, life-long learner, and caring humanitarian. Get inspired by Islam's Ambassador story.

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“One must work with time, rather than being stuck in a race against it - understanding it's value and learning how to manage it.”
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