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The Ultimate Wedding Gift Guide - How to Choose the Perfect Gift?

The Ultimate Wedding Gift Guide

Are you dreading that upcoming wedding because you still haven’t found the perfect wedding gift for the bride and groom? When it comes to wedding present ideas, the options seem endless. However, with people gravitating more toward classical and minimalist trends these days, the traditional go-to gifts that end up cluttering up your home – like kitchen appliances and dishes – just don’t seem to make much sense anymore.

And, if the couple has skipped a registry altogether, you may be totally in the dark when it comes to wedding gift ideas. Or, maybe that registry is there but for this couple, you want to be a bit more thoughtful with your gift-giving. At this point, your options as a guest, are to either show up with a card and cash or to find something meaningful and personalized, that the two can share for a long time. 

So, what can you get that bride a groom that is classic, unique and a little splurgy (but doesn’t break the bank)? Have you considered a set of watches?


Now, we all know that couples should never wear the same outfits – that’s just tacky. But, what about having complimentary watches? A set of classic timepieces that give that pop of elegance and style for both him and her. And, when worn simultaneously – a set of classic watches can act as a subtle bonding visual element. How romantic!

Think about it, watches are something that most people don’t buy for themselves, yet they should really be a staple in everyone’s closet. And, how many couples actually go out and pick complementary ones? Not identical, but his and her styles that work well together, and are still unique to the individuals wearing them.

This staple item, that [let’s be honest] everyone should own, is often overlooked by many. But really, a set of classic watches can be a thoughtful addition for that new couple to enjoy together, as well as individually. It’s like a symbol recognizing that two people can be bonded and complement one another, but still maintain their own personal touch – in this case, their style(s).

Our watches are designed to reflect time periods that will never go out of style. In fact, they are named for the time periods that they are relevant to – Heritage 1921, 1863 and 1959 for men; and Heritage 1863 and 1959 for women.


And, if you’re paralyzed right now thinking that you’re going to have to comb through pages of options, think again! One of the main reasons that make us feel so confident in our products, is the fact that we keep things simple. A small selection of styles. No frills. Just beautiful, classic elegance and unmatched premium quality in all of our timepieces.

So, really all you need to do is decide which style is most him and which is most her – and you’re all set for the big day!

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