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Top Luxury Watch Brands. There's Only One.

Luxury Watch Brands: Ambassador Edition

Ambassador watches. You got the answer. We're the best watch company ever. No so-called luxury watch brands are even near us. That's a bold statement you say? Well, I'm going to back up my words with proofs. Are you really ready? Let's go.

Only premium quality

Buy our watch. You'll instantly feel what I'm talking about. We use premium materials everywhere, from the box for the watch itself. We can't allow any second-hand impression. That's why we work with the world's best designers. That's why we use the best materials to produce our amazing watches.

Best watch brands? There is only one and you know the answer. Since you know the best brand on the market, let me introduce our assortment.

Let's talk about trends. In recent years there is solid gold watch trend in the fashion industry and we have something for you. Let's stay trendy, should we?

Heritage 1959 - Branded Luxury Rose-gold Watch

luxury gold black watch

Get it now ($199) - Free shipping worldwide

Wealth starter. The true A-level watch. This watch possesses confidence, prestige, and power. You know the real deal.

Especially when you get a bit older, these watches start to look cool. It is only a personal taste thing. Although the target buyers for this kind of watches are men over 40, things start changing now. Skinny guys with gold watches are the modern class.

men with wrist watch

with Black Leather Strap

Classic. The classic will never go away.

A classic, luxury masterpiece. Heritage 1921.

luxury silver watch

Get it now ($199) - Free shipping worldwide

Only nine millimeters in thickness, forty millimeters in diameter. Absolute greatness.

These days this is much more of a gentleman's accessory than just telling the time. With the invention of smartwatches, is there any place for the classic piece? Well, let's talk about it.

men with wrist watch

with Brown Leather Strap

Watches are a pure art. In the last 200 years, there were many changes to the watch industry. Many people have many opinions. Some guys like certain brands and some base their opinion on the technology involved. At birth, a marriage or even a breakup, a classic watch usually bought to make a statement or mark an amazing achievement. It is a timepiece with a story, a heritage, a legacy, it screams personality of its owner. Our watches bring you an amazing emotional experience. We also believe that watches should be bought for the long term (hint, don't buy digital watches). Consider it as a great investment. Over the years, our watches appreciate in value over time. Over the years we set the best standard for classic watches and we're proud of it.

Quartz Is The New Luxury

We use quartz movement in our watches. It's much better than mechanical movement and it is much less accurate than a quartz movement. Just imagine losing a number of seconds every day, that's the reality of mechanical watches. You don't want that. There is no denying that quartz watches are the new shift in the market. Our watches are a true masterpiece and highly rated by most watch enthusiasts.

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