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Adam, Realtor & Entrepreneur

Young, ambitious and dead-set on being one of the best - Adam has been part of the Ambassador brand since 2015.

How did you get to where you are today?

"After I graduated from High School, I’ve worked my way up the ladder in various business-related positions. The experience, and skillset that I acquired led me to quit, in favor of reaching our to Sweden’s biggest Real Estate company. I asked them for one thing - a chance. That is a chance to study under them, and work with them in the future. I eagerly wanted to show them my willingness to learn, my passion, and why they should choose me over anyone else - and it led to them putting their faith in me."

“Time means everything to me. It is to be used wisely, and shouldn't be taken for granted.”

What are your plans for the near future?

My current plan is to success in becoming a real estate agent, and in three years’ time I’m aiming to be one of the highest ranked agents in the company. Besides this, I’ve also co-founded Kölapp, and I see our app growing and expanding continuously.

What does time mean to you?

Time means everything to me. It is to be used wisely, and shouldn't be taken for granted. This ideology is actually one of the reasons that my co-founders and I started Kölapp. We want to help people eliminate time-wasting habits and instead channel their time towards a more productive avenue.

What do you believe makes a good watch?

I believe that often, less is more. When it comes to watches, I love a good combination of looks and comfort. I prefer a unique watch, not too heavy, not too complicated, but unique enough to garner complements.

What do you think about Ambassador watches?

I love them! They check off both the looks and comfort boxes for me - in short, they’re really clean, simple and elegant. One of my favorite features is the fact that it’s so easy to switch straps and create new combinations and styles for different occasions. It feels like I have 3 different watches, when in reality - it’s just one. And I can’t say enough about the quality; overall this watch is my go-to choice, every day.

Adam's Favourite

Ambassador Heritage 1863

Make a statement with the bold color scheme of the Heritage 1863. Inspired by the 1800's - an era of refined luxury, the contrasting polished rose-gold features and captivating black watch-face are bound to draw attention and transfix admirers.

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“If used correctly, time can be your biggest ally on the quest to lead a happy and fulfilling life.”