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Daria, Entrepreneur & Leader

A multi-talented, passionate and creative business leader. Daria sports the Heritage 1959 as her go-to timepiece.

How did you get to where you are today?

My main business is a boutique travel company with offices in Prague and Budapest, which I founded some 10 years ago, here in the Czech Republic. We specialize in tailor-made tours and travel experiences across the globe. From the very beginning, I learned not to question the decisions I make - that is, to stop worrying and start doing.

“I strive to use my time wisely, and spend my time taking action on my ideas and decisions.”

What are your plans for the near future?

Oh, they are fantastic! I’ve recently bought a neglected historical chateau in the Czech countryside, with plans to turn it into a museum and a literary hotel. So ahead of me, there are many years of restoration, challenges, lots of learning, and interesting discoveries.

What does time mean to you?

I believe that time is the one thing that's truly ours. Personally, I strive to use my time wisely, and spend my time taking action on my ideas and decisions.

What do you believe makes a good watch?

I believe that a good watch should have an elegant and refined style, a design that reflects my personality and tells the story behind the watch itself.

What do you think about Ambassador watches?

If I could only use three words - I love them! Ambassador watches perfectly fit my description of a good and even fantastic watch. My Heritage 1959 is definitely the watch you'll find me wearing every day.

Daria's Favorite

Ambassador Heritage 1959

Enrich your wardrobe with a timepiece that fuses a timeless classical concept with an explorative modern touch of luxury. Designed with the 50's in mind - the Heritage 1959 is a true tribute to the spirit of the "Golden Age" that takes after its tones of expansionism and financial prosperity.

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“Time is a resource. One that must be used to the maximum, as it can not be replenished.”