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Lorian, QA Manager & Explorer

Intelligent, outgoing, and an avid traveler. Lorian sports a stylish Heritage 1921 as his go-to watch.

How did you get to where you are today?

During my studies, I was searching for a position that would be relevant to my academic field while allowing me the flexibility to attend university while working. At the time, my current company - “Emakina CEE,” was looking for a quality assurance tested, and I applied for the position, eager to get experience in my field. Years of diligent, hard work, and many exciting projects later - I was given more responsibilities and tasks. This lead to my current position, where I manage a small QA team.

“If used correctly, time can be your biggest ally on the quest to lead a happy and fulfilling life.”

What are your plans for the near future?

In the next three years, I can see myself doing the job I love while spending my free time traveling (one of my favorite activities, hands down) with my future wife and friends. Every year, I'm trying to put a bigger focus on learning new things, to keep developing on a personal level - and I believe that traveling is essential to that. Since we were kids, my childhood friends and I would spend every bit of free time exploring new cities and countries, and that passion has definitely transitioned into adulthood with me.

What does time mean to you?

I believe that time - if used correctly, can be your biggest ally on the quest to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

What do you believe makes a good watch?

In my opinion, a good watch has to be elegant and minimalistic. It should be designed to fit any occasion, and for that reason, straps should be easily replaceable.

What do you think about Ambassador watches?

Before I got my 1921, I had to change watches for every occasion - now I only have to change straps. I believe that the Ambassador lineup fits my personal tastes to the tee. They've created an amazingly versatile collection of high-quality watches that impress day after day while keeping the price-tag down to a minimum.

Lorian's Favorite

Ambassador Heritage 1921

Enjoy a timeless and elegant testament to classic watchmaking that attracts compliments and admiration. This watch is a tribute to the classics, with a modern flair. Our concept for this design borrows inspiration from the 20's - an era clad in silver and hallmarked by unmistakable class.

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“Every second that passes by in my life, makes me a second older. As a result, time is not a concept that I take for granted.”