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What is a Dress Watch & What Makes it so Unique?

When you think of someone with class, sophistication, and style, likely a tailored suit tends to be the image that comes to mind. You know the look – the one where the silhouette of their attire has been custom-fitted to every element of their unique shape and size. Where the cuffs of their white dress shirt graze the exact spot that their wrists meet their hands.

Yes, that look. And, when you walk into a room filled with people styled in that classic manner, what is it that makes some stand out from the others? Why do some of them just have that "wow" factor? The secret lies in their accessories, and in particular – their dress watch.

So what exactly is a dress watch? And, why is just as important a staple in one's wardrobe as that go-to suit hanging in your closet? Like shoes, a dress watch has its time (pun intended) and place in one's life.

You wouldn't hit the track in your loafers or the club in your flip-flops. So why would you throw on that bulky, beat-up old running watch with that beautiful suit that you just had trimmed, sewn, and molded to every inch of your body? A dress watch is a way of indicating that you have a personal style, taste, and simply impeccable attention to detail that sets you apart from the rest.

In short, it is every refined man's (or woman's) best-kept style secret.

What is a dress watch

What Defines A Dress Watch?

The ideal dress watch is going to look different for every person. Ultimately though, it is the accessory that is the creme-de-la-creme when it comes to one's personal style.
The dress watch is a timepiece designed specifically with one purpose in mind – to complement your formal attire.

Historically, these would be minimalistic watches with low profile polished cases, adorned with elegant leather straps. They looked phenomenal with suits and even provided a much-needed touch of refined elegance to just about any semi-formal or business attire.

However, in a world where sneakers and suits have become an acceptable mix – you're bound to see these watches frequently appear outside of a formal setting.

In today's day and age – classical watches are a perfectly stylish fashion statement for anyone looking to add an air of luxurious maturity to their appearance.
So, whether it is a tailored suit that you're rocking at a wedding or an important interview. Or even those jeans, paired with a white tee and blazer for a casual business meeting or first date. Anyone with a sense of class knows that their secret weapon ultimately lies in the final touch – the dress watch.

What Makes A Great Dress Watch?

A dress watch is going to be unique to one's own personal style. It is going to reflect who you are and how you want to express yourself in the world. People will notice it – whether consciously or subconsciously – and it will convey information about the value you place on yourself and your attention to detail.

If you're considering adding a dress watch to your wardrobe, here a few things that you'll want to keep in mind:

Keep Things Classic

Simplicity is key. You don't want it to overpower the rest of your outfit. Keep an eye out for sleek and minimal watches with classic details – like an unencumbered dial, roman numerals, or modern fonts.

Make It A Reflection Of Who You Are

Do you tend to keep things monochromatic when you get dressed? Or, do you like to play with complimenting color palettes? When choosing a dress watch, keep these things in mind. It should be a reflection of your own personal style and adaptable enough to work with a wide range of pieces in your existing wardrobe.
Tip: The combination of black leather straps paired with polished gold or rose gold case is always a good bet.

Will You Actually Enjoy Wearing It?

Is the piece something you are actually excited about? Will you reach for it virtually every time you put on a nice outfit? Will you be eager to throw it on whenever you're about to head out for that first date, important meeting or night out on the town? If the answer is yes, then get it. Wear it. Love it.

what makes a dress watch


Whether you're spending the night at a gala or preparing to impress investors with an eloquent pitch – there's one detail to your outfit that can change the air around you. A dress watch.
They are the perfect accessory to complement any formal attire as they subtly add a refined touch of elegant class. And as classic watches, they are also a testament to both style and horology in one perfectly timely creation. This makes them a must-have in just about any wardrobe belonging to a self-respecting modern man or woman.

We hope that today's article helped you learn a bit about what makes a dress watch, including it's distinguishing features and popular pairings.

And as you embark on your quest (to find the perfect dress watch) – feel free to browse best mens dress watches for a bit of inspiration and a few options to start off your short-list.

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