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Stepping Over The Edge - The Importance Of Leaving Your Comfort Zone

When the topic of the comfort zone is brought up, most people tend to treat it as though it is a mysterious, forlorn place. A place where no one dares to tread on their own.

But as Ambassadors, life constantly pushes us outside of the bounds of the little safe spaces that are all too easy for us to fall into.

And today, we're here to tell you that it's a good thing!

There are near-immeasurable benefits that come with leaving your comfort zone. From transformational experiences to a broader outlook on life, conquering your fear of the unknown is one of the most powerful steps you can take on your life journey.

After all, the comfort zone is certainly a beautiful place - but nothing ever grows there...

Here at Prime Ambassador, we genuinely believe that your life only begins at the end of your comfort zone!


However, for most people - the comfort zone is just that, comfortable. It's a calm place of familiarity among the chaos of our daily lives, just like that super comfortable recliner in front of the TV.

And once you're in, it envelops you, cradles you, and ultimately, it traps you in the bounds and limits of your daily life. It shuns curiosity, rejects adventure, and quickly grows into a stale and monotonous routine - but it's comfortable, it's safe...

Once in awhile - the excitement at the prospect of a new adventure, an invigorating challenge, and simply a new light, peeks through the curtains of fog.

Do most people seize the opportunity? No.

The reason that most people shy away from leaving their self-made padded "prison" that is the "comfort zone" is not because it's difficult, or that there's a scary world outside. They simply don't know where it ends!

It's comparable to walking out into the seemingly endless ocean. You slowly tiptoe, step by step out into the void, never knowing when you'll suddenly lose your footing and slip into the depths.

And it's that exact instinct and fear, that keeps human beings safe.


But if you dare to tread the path towards the unknown - if you dare to face down that fear, you stand to reap immeasurable rewards.

Firstly, you will encounter growth. Challenging yourself, stepping outside of your confines, helps you experience new angles of life. And in the same way that you build muscle, taking this sort of risk will help you overcome what you previously thought was impossible.

Secondly, you will learn about yourself. Exploring the unknown will help you reveal your true core being, bring light to new interests and passions, and put you in the right place and time to experience things that will help you see yourself in an entirely new light. And with that comes confidence, knowledge, and capability.

And thirdly, your life will genuinely become lively. From the deep relationships you'll build to the expanse of creativity and freedom you will find outside of the comfort zone - your life will stop resembling a scene from Groundhog Day.

With time, you'll harness the unpredictability of life as a source of excitement, wonder, and interest. And as you become more and more genuinely happy and fulfilled, your appreciation for the small uncertainties of life will turn into a catalyst for positivity that will drive your life to new heights.

When you replace the fear of the unknown with curiosity, when you build the right degree of comfort with being uncomfortable - change takes place, for the better.


And for us, it is this very drive, curiosity, and fearlessness that defines an Ambassador!

So, where does your comfort zone end?

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