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The Best Luxury Quartz Watches with Exquisite Features

If there is something, you can trust when it comes to dependable technology its quartz watches. The mechanism was created in 1927 by Warren Marrison and J. W. Horton a couple of great minds that worked at Bell Laboratories. In the beginning, the best luxury quartz watch was display pieces to mount on shelves or walls. It wasn’t until the early '80s when the mechanism was deemed perfected to be used on wristwatches.

Many players started to compete to position themselves as the best quartz watch brands in a market that became very large, very quickly. To this day we can find some of best high-end quartz watches, their most prominent features being the superior accuracy to keep track of time without veering, and the ability to work with batteries with very few moving parts and little to no human intervention. 

Checklist before buying a luxury watch

One of the many features that we tend to overlook when we are hunting for a watch is the movement, also referred by specialists as “the caliber.” To be more precise, this has to do with everything that is related to the mechanism that brings these cool quartz watches to life. The movement is the one that makes the hands move every single minute. It’s also the one that handles the calendar. It’s essentially the heart of the watch as it is. And we don’t take notice of it because we are always invested in the exterior of the accessory. We can’t argue the fact that the overall look of the watch is essential, but avoiding knowledge about the movement, it’s a sin. 

In this day and age, we can still find three different types of watches: quartz, mechanicals, and automatics. We are about to offer some insight on each one of them, but the main focus of this little guide is quartz watches since they are the most popular mechanism used around the planet. Now let’s dive in some knowledge about watches:

  • Quartz Watches: We already told you about the creators of the technology, but the ones who perfected the mechanism were the Japanese in 1969, by the company Seiko. The team behind it completely changed the paradigms of personal watches across the planet since the movement on them is mostly caused by the second-hand movements of individual ticks on separate hands. The mechanism works with electrical batteries, and it rarely malfunctions unless the owners mistreat them.

  • Mechanical Watches: the oldest technology of the list. The sweeping motion of hands determines the movement on these watches once it’s been winded manually to operate appropriately. While it was the default mechanism for many years on pocket watches, it still considered unreliable because it loses track of the real time at some point and it has to be adjusted again.
  • Automatic Watches: One of the most recent technologies perfected by the digital era. These watches are operated by the kinetic movements of the wearer to make the mechanism function. While the technology has been around for some time, it was previously relegated to the functionality of the watch. Modern models can use sensors to gather additional information for the wearer while still being functional to keep track of the time. 

two quartz watches

Great Quartz Watches

Too many companies are eager to tell you about what makes good quartz watches worthy of your time and attention. The Ambassador brand knows very well what works for the best for most gentlemen and what makes high-quality quartz watches genuinely stand out. It doesn’t have to do with flashiness; it doesn’t have to do with how much it makes the wearer be noticed. The thing that makes good quartz watches stand out it’s how well it complements the rest of your attire. 

You will never hear someone compliment your accessories on their own if your wardrobe draws this kind of attention from your peers you not doing something right. The best thing that can happen is to have your general look viewed as a whole, a part of yourself that let the people know the traits of your personality as soon as they get a glimpse of you. A quartz watch that meshes well with your outfit is a compliment on itself, as well as a rewarding experience 

With that in Mind we present you with the five best quartz wrist watches of the Ambassador Line:

Our 5 Best Quartz Wrist Watches 

If you keep a regular hunt for the best quality quartz watches online, you probably have caught a glimpse of Ambassador Watches by now. The brand has a continual presence around the web based on a non-invasive marketing campaign and the excellent feedback of their regular clients. The company has managed to get the attention of experienced collectors and watch enthusiast alike by offering a solid product that is handled with taste on the design stage and with care at the moment at being manufactured. 

They are well known for having one of the classiest vintage designs that can suit the look of men and women alike for any occasion. Is this versatility the one that has made Ambassador one of the top quartz watches brands out there. Their offering is diverse and inviting, with a various design that can go for any occasion.  Since the brand is focused on offering sleek designs, their line of watches can help anybody look their best at any time. They can suit formalities such as commitment gifts or a unique detail that marks the milestone on a business relationship.   

The following are some of the best models you can find in their catalog:

Stylish Quartz Dress Watch – The Heritage 1959 Brown

The designers of the company regard the Ambassador Heritage 1959 as the most noticeable models of the company, one that truly represents the embodiment of the message they are trying to get across with their mix of vintage designs and modern technology. It's probably the best luxury quartz watch offered by the company and one that represents the marriage between the sensibilities of the late '50s and the sensibilities of modern wardrobes

The Heritage 1959 is being provided with a brown leather strap and a clean design that is presented with single digits to signal the passing of hours. Each minute is registered with fine points that are noticeable enough to register the time with accuracy and precision. The encasing of these high-quality quartz watches is adorned with a light gold shade that makes the legacy piece look delicate and in good taste. 

Make sure to pay attention to hypnotizing design of the background on this watch; thHeritage 1959 has a spiraling circle that can bring forward romantic thoughts about the endlessness of time itself as you run out of it. The quartz machinery, as well as the background, are protected by a fine layer of sapphire glass that keeps Miyota Quartz mechanism running as long as you have your heritage 1959 with you.  

with Brown Leather Strap

Perhaps the Best Men's Quartz Watch - Heritage 1863

Don’t be dissuaded for the outlandish look of this watch. The Heritage 1863 is one of the most representative models of the Ambassador line since the designers of the house regard it as direct homage or the standard pocket watch that was so popular on gentlemen by that time. The main features of that notably stand out at first on the Heritage 1863 is the use of roman numerals to keep track of the time; it’s truly one of the top quartz watches in the whole line.  

Although the Heritage 1863 sacrifices a few practical features such as signaling minutes for the sake of a sleek design, it still manages to impress our customers given the amount of detail that can be noticed after further inspection. These black-leather strap high-quality quartz watches come presented in metal encasing measuring a standard nine-by-forty millimeter diameter that is found in standard Ambassador models. 

The Heritage 1863 makes itself noticeable because it features a solid gold encasing on both hands and every roman numeral. The pitch black colors offered in the background, as well as the luxurious leather strap, are a perfect match that makes this watch one of the most powerful legacy pieces found in the Ambassador collection. This is the type of watch that should only be offered when a deciding moment of life comes along and the passing of time will be a reminder of how unique it is.

with Black Leather Strap

Our Elegant Quartz Watch for Special Occasions – The Heritage 1921 Mesh

The Heritage 1921 is a modified version of the flagship Ambassador model. The only difference is that this one is lined with a classy silver mesh strap. These cool quartz watches were designed to showcase minimalistic features that are more akin to contemporary looks. The silver-tone adds a lot of presence to this particular model, and yet it manages to make room for unique features such as the single dashes placed in the background to keep track of hours, and minutes as well as a little day tracker.  

The heritage 1921 also is equipped with a silver-colored 316-L polished case and thin sapphire glass to protect the mechanism as well as the background.  The overall look of these high-quality quartz watches is much easier on the eyes at daylight mainly because of the mesh strap. The mechanism is a mighty Claus D’s Paris running high-quality Japanese quartz that is perfectly capable of withstanding the effects of weather at any moment.  

with Silver Mesh Strap

Our Super Cool Quartz Watch - Heritage 1959

The Heritage 1959 is one of the classiest models of our catalog. This high-quality quartz watch showcases a further evolution of classic pocket watches into something new and more akin to the times we live without neglecting the noticeable features that made vintage watches such great assets that complemented the look of gentlemen well into the XX century. The black leather strap plays a powerful contrast with the circled background to create a unique look. 

The Heritage 1959 is offered in a luxurious, faux leather box while bearing the classic build of nine by forty millimeters of diameter. As one of the best luxury quartz watch, the Heritage 1959 is encased in a golden coat adorned with rose-gold colors that draw the attention of wandering eyes. Similar to most Ambassador Models, the machinery and background are protected by a thin, but effective piece of sapphire glass that keeps the Japanese Quartz machinery running with utmost precision. 

with Black Leather Strap

Heritage 1863 Gold – The Best Luxury Quartz Watch

How do you make one of the most outstanding designs of the line even more noticeable? Simple, you coat it entirely in gold. The Heritage 1863 has already been discussed on this list, and there is no need for us to tell you how good it is since you are probably well aware of that. We highlight this model here because it’s a change that totally works for the best if your plan is to draw the attention of the people you are getting together with on a special event. The same best quartz dress watch that looked like a nice fit to your overall look can make you stand out with a simple change of strap.

When you think about it, it certainly makes sense. While certain brands offer deluxe versions of their products coated in gold such as Apple and their high-end line of IPads, or Samsung with the Golden Galaxy line, Ambassador is willing to share with their customers the luxury of enjoying a gold-coated version of their classiest watch for the same best priced as their regular models. You will certainly look the part while wearing the best quartz watches on your event or on that special meeting where you are looking to create an impact. The Heritage 1863 Gold is a model that should be used if you are feeling bold and adventurous, or if you are looking to make an impression on someone.

with Gold Mesh Strap

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